Sensorium Series - Orators & Historians

The Sensorium Series returns to delight your five senses with Orators and Historians! 

Orators | Double Dry Hopped Unfiltered IPA with Passion Fruit Added
5.9% ABV | 62 IBU | Tropical Fruit / Pine / Melon
Proclaim the news in all the land, this juicy IPA flows like the words of a most eloquent speaker. It captivates its audience with huge notes of tropical fruit, pine, and melon with an addition of passion fruit to keep you hanging on every word. It's like Morgan Freeman's voice in a can. 
Malts: 2-Row, Vienna, T-50, Carapils 
Hop Additions: El Dorado, Denali (Flameout, Whirlpool, & Double Dry Hop) 
Total Pounds Hops per BBL: Over 4lbs per barrel 
Adjuncts: Passionfruit Puree 
Fining: Unfiltered 
Yeast: Conan (Produces a unique fruity ester profile)

Historians | Berliner Weisse with Blueberries Added
4.9% ABV | 21 IBU | Blueberry / Tart / Refreshing
A Berliner Weisse worth documenting, the aroma, color, and taste are equatable to popping a handful of blueberries into your mouth. Enjoy it because this beer will easily go from the present to the past. 
Malts: Pilsen, Red Wheat, Caracrystal Wheat, Carapils 
Hop Additions: Huell Melon, Mosaic, Rakau, Motueka (Whirlpool and Dry Hop) 
Adjuncts: Blueberries (336 lbs)
Inocula: Lactobacillus delbrueckii during kettle souring process 
Yeast: American Ale Fining: Unfiltered