Now Serving 42 Mile Hard Cider

We are proud to introduce a new hard cider exclusively in the Taproom using locally grown apple cider from Beiersdorfer Orchard in Southeast Indiana. This marks the first time the brewery has offered a hard cider and was driven by the desire to create a quality beverage for those with a gluten sensitivity or are looking for a beer alternative.

The hard cider is named 42 Mile, an homage to Beiersdorfer Orchard being located 42 miles east of the brewery. 42 Mile is a semi-sweet cider that strikes a balance of sweetness and dryness to create a crisp apple finish that all can appreciate. Additionally, it meets FDA guidelines to be declared gluten free which will provide a new option for taproom patrons with a gluten sensitivity.

“When we set out to make a hard cider, it was really important for us to know where the fruit came from and who the farmer was that grew it,” said Ryan Blevins, MadTree head brewer. “Once I visited the Beiersdorfer farm and talked with Jeremy, I knew his apple cider would be the right base to make a quality, delicious hard cider that we’d be proud of to represent MadTree.”

Beiersdorfer Orchard general manager, Jeremy Beiersdorfer, said, “Working with Ryan and the MadTree team has been great. They understand the passion and effort that goes into growing quality apples to produce great cider. I appreciate their desire to support local family farms and we’re proud to have our apples in their hard cider. Plus, I’ve always been a fan of MadTree’s beers!”