Drink MadTree, Plant A Tree, & Celebrate Arbor Day

We are celebrating Earth Day and Arbor day by giving away a Dawn Redwood tree sapling that you can plant with every pint sold in the taproom.

The Dawn Redwood tree is truly a living fossil! Thought extinct for millions of years, Dawn Redwood dates back to Mesozoic times, some 150 million years ago. Living Dawn Redwoods were “discovered” in West Central China in 1941. Unlike its Redwood Family relatives, Dawn Redwood is a deciduous tree, losing its bronze leaves each autumn and unfurling bright green, silky new needles in spring. A truly unique and fascinating tree – rich in history and beautiful to behold – Dawn Redwood grows very rapidly, easily reaching heights of more than 100 feet at maturity. Can be kept garden-size with careful pruning. Learn more about this awesome tree!