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On Tap

On Tap

1.4 Love

Porter - Baltic
ABV: 8.3 IBU: 0.0
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42 Mile

Cider - Traditional / Apfelwein
ABV: 5.6 IBU: 0.0
Beer on Untappd

Blanket Fort

Pale Ale - Other
ABV: 5.6 IBU: 0.0
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Sour - Other
ABV: 5.9 IBU: 0.0
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ABV: 5.2 IBU: 0.0
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Bourbon Barrel-Aged Stout
ABV: 11.5 IBU: 0.0
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Wheat Beer - Other
ABV: 5.2 IBU: 0.0
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Double Psychopathy

ABV: 10.2 IBU: 0.0
Beer on Untappd

Firefly Nightlight

Citrus Wheat with Coriander
ABV: 4.3 IBU: 2.0
Beer on Untappd

Guten Bock

ABV: 7.4 IBU: 0.0
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Happy Amber

American Amber / Red
ABV: 6.0 IBU: 30.0
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Knotty Brown

Brown Ale - American
ABV: 7.0 IBU: 40.0
Beer on Untappd

Legendary Lager

Lager - American
ABV: 4.2 IBU: 15.0
Beer on Untappd

Luna Lux

White IPA
ABV: 6.0 IBU: 39.0
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Mac The Willis

Red Ale - Irish
ABV: 5.8 IBU: 29.0
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Farmhouse Ale - Other
ABV: 6.7 IBU: 0.0
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Mind Goblin

Scottish Ale
ABV: 4.2 IBU: 0.0
Beer on Untappd

Phantom Forest

Juicy DIPA
ABV: 8.0 IBU: 65.0
Beer on Untappd


Stout - Irish Dry
ABV: 4.5 IBU: 0.0
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ABV: 6.9 IBU: 70.0
Beer on Untappd

Rounding Third

IPA - Red
ABV: 6.5 IBU: 51.0
Beer on Untappd

Seeing Colors

IPA - New England / Hazy
ABV: 6.9 IBU: 0.0
Beer on Untappd


Tart Fruit Ale with Blackberry
ABV: 4.6 IBU: 10.0
Beer on Untappd

Straight Outta Belgium

Belgian Tripel
ABV: 8.7 IBU: 0.0
Beer on Untappd

Treesearch #12

IPA - West Coast
ABV: 6.0 IBU: 0.0
Beer on Untappd

Tropical PsycHOPathy

IPA with Passionfruit, Orange, & Guava
ABV: 6.9 IBU: 69.0
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Meet The Women of MadTree

March 8, 2021

March 8, 2021

Meet The Women of MadTree

Meet the women of MadTree.

Each person answered the question about who their hero is or someone they look up to and why. Read below to learn more about who inspired them in their life. Who inspires you?

Production Team

Brittany Frey – Production Manager

My dance teachers (Darla Dirr and Lisa Hoelle) as well as my high school dance team coach (Liz Gladish). Each of these women truly helped shape me into the person I am today. They helped me to develop leadership skills, taught me how to keep myself and my team accountable, and consistently helped set a path for my personal goals. These wonderful women were someone I could talk to about anything, they provided a non judgmental and safe environment for all of their students. I of course learned many things inside the classroom but these women helped me tremendously learn important life skills outside of the classroom.

Becca Ransohoff – Master of Chemistry

Definitely my mom and dad.  Prioritizing the importance of education and not the importance of grades – understanding and fostering all types of learning and making it fun! I am also so fortunate to have had unbelievable wonderful teachers and mentors on my educational journey.

Danielle Sickmiller – Cellar Lead

Professor Anne Porter department of Modern Languages at Ohio University is someone who has inspired me. Her quiet, thoughtful, and direct way of engaging students in the classroom pushed me to work hard. I learned to set expectations high. She directed study abroad programs, freely opening up her life to her students. I experienced the importance of learning outside the classroom. She shared her curiosity and knowledge. I saw the value of lifelong learning. I am ever grateful to have had Professor Porter, an inspirational kickass educator, invest and believe in me.

Private Events Team

Meaghan Alimo – Private Events Bartender

I left a corporate America job with a Fortune 50 company to head back to school to become a nurse. After watching my brother triumph through multiple life threatening illnesses over the last 20 years, I knew my calling was a clear as day. Ryan, my youngest of 3 brothers, has battled Down Syndrome, heart disease, over 40 surgeries, pacemakers, feeding tubes, IV ports, thyroid deficiencies, stunted growth and vocal cords-this list is seemingly endless. I have spent my life watching nurses go beyond their call of duty to take care of him, my parents, and my family. I have seen nurses quite literally save his life, and I decided at 28 to leave my career and become a nurse. Being in an accelerated nursing school during a global pandemic has been unbearable at times, but I always remember my little man at home, and all the nurses who haven’t skipped a beat to fight this virus. My brother and the health care workers are my inspiration to always continue to strive towards my goals, and in a few months when I’m on the frontlines, I hope to be a nurse that inspires others to go after their goals, even if it means going out of your comfort zone.

Amanda Johnson – Private Events Bartender

My mother is my inspiration. Her story is quite remarkable to me. To keep it simple, she had a childhood that no child should ever have to experience. Despite this, she had drive. She worked incredibly hard in school. She always said school was her constant, and no one could ever take away her ability to learn. She raised me to soak up as much knowledge as I possibly can and to always strive to do better. I can only hope to be the mother she is to me. She’s superwoman.

Sarah Kathmann – Private Events/Taproom Bartender

My mom, Anna, is my inspiration. My mom lost her dad when she was 17 years old and to help support her and her mom, she got a job that started right after she graduated from high school. When she was in her mid-thirties, she decided to go back to school and get a college degree while working full-time and raising 2 children. After 8 years, she graduated with a degree in accounting and a 4.0 GPA. From that experience, my mom taught me that you’re never too old to learn something new and if you put your head down and work hard, you can achieve any dream that you put your mind to.

Aylssa Kleepsies – Private Events Manager

A couple people – my dad and my grandmother. My literal educational journey was a little strange and I ended up creating my own degree and curriculum in college which ended up shaping a lot of my career and how I went about thinking about various problems in my life. My father opened his own business when I was around 12 and his entrepreneurial spirit has really rubbed off on me and has inspired me to create my own path when there isn’t one I want to take. My grandmother passed away when I was 17 and I was her only granddaughter (which probably biased what I’m about to say). She had more faith in me than anyone in my life and consistently told me that one day I would set the world on fire (in the best way possible of course). So when she passed away I used that as consistent motivation in every aspect of my life to live up to the standard she had set before me knowing all the while that she would be proud no matter what.

Linsey LaValley – Private Events Bartender/Taproom Hostess

Although I did not finish college – I chose to work 3 jobs and make money and had little to no time to complete school, then had my daughter at 23 when we moved to Cincinnati and I planned to go back but never did. My dad has always been my inspiration. While growing up he was a full time social worker for kids at a live in facility while they got back on their feet. During that time he got his master in psychotherapy and went on the work with women, child and homeless (anyone). He raised my sister and I, stayed married and helped everyone around him while scrapping together the next meal or finding a way for us to do something fun without batting an eye (because social workers make little money). Growing up, all I wanted was to be like him, and everyday he would tell me, go to school to make money AND help people but always make sure you are happy. I went to school, dropped out to make money and found the love of my life and have had 2 wonderful kids. Some day, I plan to go back and fulfill my dream of helping others. ❤

Ryan Miller – Private Events Bartender

My younger brother, Alex. When we lost my Dad a few years back, he became my rock and best friend. He is a man anyone is lucky to meet or get to know. He works around the clock but never overlooks or forgets to support the ones he loves and cheer on their accomplishments. He has taught me to take a chance on the things that seem like a big risk, to be fearless because you will conquer even heartbreak. I am not only inspired by what he has accomplished so far in life, but how he has carried himself and how he treats others

Ally Riesenberg – Private Events Bartender

I believe that you learn from everyone you meet in life and that you never stop learning. One of my constant sources of inspiration are my sisters, for always rising above the craziness that life throws at you and handling every day like true badasses.

Danielle Sampson – Private Events Bartender

My oldest sister, Sara. With an 8 year age difference, I have always looked up to her. She is an English major (as I was) and has been published several times, on and offline. She’s done incredible work with several nonprofits to protect users from online bullying and harassment and to fight for women’s rights (in her everyday life as well!) She’s inspired me in many ways but her passion and influence to fight for women’s equality has been the best thing she’s ever taught me. Because of her, I started paying attention, reading up and getting more involved by donating to organizations and attending protests, the Slut Walk and International Women’s Day events. I’ve taken an online course on how to appropriately intervene when witnessing harassment and I became an advocate volunteer for Women Helping Women. My sister’s always available when I need her guidance and her influence and encouragement have helped make me who I am today; a growing feminist who is doing her best to make the world a little better, just like Sara.

Erin Skie – Bartender/Host/Curbside/Delivery/Wherever Needed

My grandmother who passed away at 103 this year was my inspiration on my educational journey. Education was essential in my upbringing and we were always encouraged to study beyond college. During my childhood, my parents worked very hard but struggled financially at times. Grandma & Grandpa assisted us with the cost of education as this was always of utmost importance. I remember Grandma driving me to Xavier for a grad school interview…yes she was almost driving on the other side of the road & doing her own thing but she never gave up her fight to help us excel. At that point in my life, I was self-sufficient but loved the car rides & time I spent with Grandma. She taught us nothing comes without hard work, schooling & passion. No job was below us & we were expected to excel at whatever path we chose. I was fortunate to deliver a eulogy this year for Grandma. Her unforgettable spirit will never leave any of our lives. She was one of a kind & learned to work hard because life was very difficult 100 years ago. You would have loved her!!!!!

Courtney Spicer – Private Events Bartender

My mom and all the compassionate nurses that helped fight her cancer. The nurses made such a difference for our family and were some of the kindest people I’ve met. I wanted to be able to do this for another family.

Alexis Victor – Private Events Sales

My middle school Spanish teacher, Senorita Carrillo, was my biggest inspiration to continue with my Spanish education throughout my high school and college career. When required to choose a language class in middle school, Senorita Carrillo was the tougher choice because of her intimidatingly small figure and even more intimidating classroom rules – we were NEVER permitted to speak English, even on day 1 of the class. Her forcing us to adopt the language, and mentality, that we could speak Spanish had an underlying spirit of encouragement. This encouragement carried me to not only excel in Spanish throughout college, but helped me travel to Chile and Peru for a “May-mester”, where I was able to expand my cultural knowledge, personal network, and mindset about where I could travel and what I could accomplish. It’s been one of my greatest passions to connect with others using the gift of the Spanish language, and that’s all thanks to my teacher encouraging and enforcing the commitment to learning- a life lesson I’ve tried to remind myself when pursuing something new and intimidating.

The Office Team

Lauren Amos – Director of Customer Experience 

It’s a bit of a cliche story, but my mom. My parents got divorced when I was in the third grade. My dad was never super involved. My mom worked full time and was a single parent to two kids. We never wanted for anything. Always participated in school functions and all of the extra curricular which she never missed. There was also dinner home-cooked dinner on the table every night (no drive-thrus for us). As a parent and working mom now the struggle is real and I have a partner. It really brings to light how much she sacrificed so my brother and I could have the best of everything including education. When I opted to go to a small private out of state school (read really really expensive) she took out loans to help cover the costs. She didn’t try and dissuade me (she probably should have), she did it because it was what I wanted. And she’s never once pointed out that I am not even close to using my college degree :).

Emily Chapel – Marketing Director

My parents. They always encouraged doing well in school, but more importantly to be curious about the world. Instilling a healthy sense of adventure, a love of travel, a curiosity about other cultures, and respect for our natural world are some of the life lessons that I pull from everyday – and certainly use a lot more than my high school calculus class.

Rhiannon Hoeweler – Director of Strategic Impact

My son Macallan is my inspiration. I know traditionally, as a parent I should be the one who inspired his journey and I am truly hopeful that I accomplished that. However, he’s taught me more over his 19 years than I could have ever imagined. At times he’s taught me how to come to the table with a sorry first, how to be resilient when alll I wanted to do was take away his pain/struggle, how to deeply and unconditionally love another person, and his life gave a different perspective on the meaning of my life.

Nicki Logsdon – Creative Brand Strategist

My high school English teacher, Amanda Purcell. She taught my honors English classes my junior and senior year, while also running our school newspaper and yearbook classes. My junior year of high school, I chose to take newspaper and on the first day of class she asked if anyone knew how to use the Adobe Creative Suite. No one did, but I raised my hand and said I would be willing to teach myself the program because I found it interesting. So that’s what I did –– I taught myself how to use Adobe InDesign, became editor-in-chief and would stay after school at the end of each month to build our school newspaper with her. That following summer, she paid for me to attend Indiana University’s journalism camp so that I could continue learning more about English and print design. I was named editor-in-chief my senior year and she encouraged me to take my first graphic design class so that I could get more familiar with the design programs. Because of her, I opened the door to what ultimately became my career, even if she or my 17 year old self hadn’t even realized it.

Sales Team

Shelly Kramer – NE Ohio Market Manager

Lauren Limbach, New Belgium’s Master Sour Blender. We have many parallels on how we got into the industry, she also has a background in social work. She is an overall badass and has been an inspiration to me since the first day we met. I feel very lucky to have worked with her. She continues to inspire my journey in craft beer over 10 years later.

Holly McClanahan – Tennessee Sales Rep

I’d say my dad is the person who inspired me through college. He had a really great way of pushing me to do my best, yet inspiring me to work hard. Knowing he cared about my future is what inspired me to work hard towards my education and career. Every year for Christmas all he asked for were my grades. Knowing he’d be happy with the results made those Christmas presents some of my fondest memories. I remember one year, I asked for extra credit to improve my grade in Math so he’d be proud. Dad always wanted me in sales and he’s super stoked I followed that path in the beer industry. Now for Christmas he gets MadTree Lift!

The Merchandise Team

Katlyn Buechner – Merchandise Manager

My husband Bryan. He is a college professor and teaching is his passion. He has such an insight and loves to learn, and that also shows with his lectures and in his research. He cares so much and is so genuinely intrigued in his student lives and making sure they are learning – you don’t always see that in professors. I’ve learned more from him in our 5 years together than I did in any college course. It’s infectious and makes you want to do the same. It inspires me to raise our daughter with that same thirst for knowledge.

Debbie Axt – Merchandise Rep

I hated school I was very shy and bullied, back then, it would not have been called that. Instead, it was just kids being kids. My boss at work inspired me to join our company Toastmaster club. After joining, I immediately became a stronger and braver person. As I continued speaking, I also started taking on leadership roles within the club, other clubs, work and within the Roger Bacon High School Band program. I ran several major events in all of these areas and became the 4th person in our company to become a Distinguished Toastmaster…all from finally speaking up.

Kelsey Carpenter – Merchandise Rep

My grandparents have always inspired me, in life and in regards to my educational journey. I watched my Nana & Papaw work at, and run their family business of 70+ years, and their success was a huge motivation for me while in school. I wanted to be just as successful as they were. They did so much to support me, and when I graduated college and got my first full time job, I remember how awesome it felt to have them there and to hear how proud they were of me.

Liz Gruber – Merchandise Rep

My mom. She was the first in her family to go to college. She paid her way through four years of college before working and earning her CPA.

Haley Grueninger – Merchandise Lead

My mom has been a constant inspiration for me throughout my life. She has taught me a lot about resilience in the face of adversity and pain. She has encouraged me to be a strong, unapologetically outspoken woman.

Taproom Team

Callie Miller – Taproom Hostess

My friends have always had ambitious goals and are truly an inspiration. They have inspired me to reach higher than I ever thought was capable for myself and have given me the confidence to dream big.

Kelli Noonan – Tour Guide

My parents have always been an inspiration to me, but in particular my mom. My dad was a police officer so of course worked long, crazy schedules which left much of the heavy lifting to mom. I am still awe-struck at how gracefully she managed to raise 3 kids with their own wild schedules, work full time, and go back to school on multiple occasions. Knowing how strong she was (and is) encouraged me to find my own strength through some of my toughest days.

Tiffany Ryan – Bartender

My 3 boys of course, they have taught me that my biggest failure can bring my biggest success. Also, my mamaw, she has always shown me that with love, faith, grit and little spit you can do anything.

Catie-Beth Stamper – Hostess/Bartender

I have been fortunate enough to have many people inspire me through out my journey to become a teacher. With that being said the person who keeps me going is my friend, Levi. He taught me that no matter what you are doing to give it your all and always show up in a positive attitude because you have an opportunity to have a positive impact on someone’s day. Levi had a positive impacted on more people’s lives in his short 15 years than most do in a life time, so when I feel myself becoming negative or unmotivated I simply ask myself “what would Levi do?”

Lauren Wescott – Taproom General Manager

My mother! Her and my dad were high school sweethearts and in traditional Midwest fashion they got married shortly after. As a stay at home mom I have fond memories of coming home from school to her making chocolate chip cookies out of this big yellow bowl. She ended up going back to work but I always heard her talk about how she didn’t go to college.

When graduating high school I wasn’t actually sure I wanted to go to college myself but she was my big cheerleader. She helped me fill out forms that she never had, apply for loans so I could afford to go and was there helping me move into my dorm on day one. She’s the reason I went college but that’s not the only reason she inspired my education journey. She taught me to slow down and be patient. She taught me that sometimes it’s better to be quiet and listen than it is to run your mouth about what you know. She taught me how to care for people in my life and that’s the most important thing I think I’ve ever learned.


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